Friday, September 7, 2012

I got soaps from Cranberry Morning!!

I got these delicious soaps!! They smell wonderful!! I also received a free small lemon soap that I already opened and used to wash my face. I loved how my face felt afterward!! My face didn't feel dry and when I got up in the morning my face didn't feel oily!! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank You so much Judy!!


Trace4J said...

Oh I love your new pillows.
SO pretty.
I will have to take a peek at your new soaps. My face always feel so dry.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I bet those soaps smell yummy! Love good smelling soaps!

Your pillows are so pretty! I love the Christmas tree one especially and your yarn pumpkin below is adorable!


tina said...

How wonderful! I love love love the smell of lemon. How nice to have a lemon soap! They are all beautifully packaged.

Cranberry Morning said...

Cherry, I just got back to blogging! Thanks so much for mentioning my soaps. :-)

I've been looking through your latest posts on your cute fall craft items. Good work!